Component Separation Technique

Used to reconstruct the abdominal wall for large midline hernias, the component separation technique was pioneered in the 1990s as a way to help surgeons close large defects in the wall without having to use synthetic mesh.

Recognizing the advantages this technique offered to patients, surgeons at Celebration Colorectal have perfected the procedure and use it regularly to repair complex abdominal wall defects.

One of the keys to its success is understanding the components of the abdominal wall and how each patient’s unique physiology can be utilized to reconstruct the area. This includes assessing the different assets available as well as any challenges to the repair, such as scar tissue from previous procedures. Any variables are factored into the procedure so Celebration Colorectal surgeons can achieve the desired level of success. That’s because the abdominal wall region can be very complex as it is highly vascularized and there can be a lot of subcutaneous tissue.

The goal of your surgeon is to repair the wall using the existing muscles and fascia without introducing synthetic or artificial mesh.

By using the body’s own structures to rebuild the wall, surgeons are able to improve the outcomes of patients who are facing abdominal wall reconstruction that are complex in nature. The goal is to rebuild the wall completely and help you return to your normal routine with the fewest complications possible.