Hernia Surgery and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


Living with the pain of a hernia can seriously reduce your quality of life. Forming in the abdominal cavity, hernias have no known cause, but they can be treated successfully. The expert team at Celebration Colorectal utilizes some of the most advanced treatments available in the country, including non-surgical and surgical options to eliminate any discomfort you may be experiencing from a hernia.

If you are experiencing issues related to recurring hernias or open wounds, see one of the specialists at Celebration Colorectal and look forward to a life that is potentially free of pain and limitations.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

When there are weaknesses in the abdominal wall due to recurring episodes of hernias or open wounds that haven’t been properly addressed, abdominal wall reconstruction may be an option.

Abdominal wall reconstruction isn’t a first line of defense. Usually other surgical procedures designed to address hernias and wounds are tried first. But if the repairs are unsuccessful, an alternative should be explored. If it isn’t remedied, the failure of the abdominal wall can be catastrophic.

The goals of abdominal wall reconstruction are straightforward: To restore the function and integrity of the wall, prevent visceral eventration and provide dynamic muscle support.

To effectively rebuild the wall, the skilled surgeons at Celebration Colorectal will relocate the abdominal tissues and redistribute the muscles. The restoration of the structure will eliminate issues caused by hernias and wounds, creating a structure that will provide you with a good chance for a successful recovery and restored health and well being.

At Celebration Colorectal, our team of abdominal wall reconstruction experts can increase the success of these surgeries, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies – some still undergoing clinical trials – to improve your outcome and help you live a life free of the complications that failed hernia procedures and unhealed wounds can cause.

Following is an overview of the major hernia conditions and how they are treated: